Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weis Family

So we are getting family pictures, but we won't have them until the 4th of Oct., so I will have to put them on then. This is our little munchkin Adria, she will be 2 in Jan. just in time to have a little sister come. We spend our time hanging out at home with Jill and Kyle's little one Kassidy, and a couple of other little friends. Adria and Kassidy are best buddies and they have lots of adventures and fun together. Chris is still working at Aero-Graphics, and loves it. We are due with another little girl around Jan. 25th, and are really excited. Her name will probably be Kimberly Laura Weis. Anyway, we hope to see more of the family on here, so we can keep updated with you! Love you all!
Julia Weis

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