Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Adria was a little butterfly for halloween. She had lots of fun trick-or-treating, and was trying to hand her candy out at the same time to other trick-or-treaters that we would pass by on the sidewalk. Her pants were supposed to be purple sweat pants, but they got lost in the laundry. O well!
The big pumpkin that Adria is carving, was grown in our back yard. It was the only big one we got. Adria gave it tender loving care all the time though, and would hug it and pat it. I guess it grew because she loved it?


Jbugsly said...

I LOVE her costume, it is so adorable. I'm sure it was becuase that little pumpkin was loved that it grew so bid :)

Barbara Wiseman said...

Loved the cute pictures, thanks for posting them! Wish I was there to see her, she looked so cute!! Love you, Aunt Barbara